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массаж и уход за лицом и телом

ElxisSpa в Thoxenia Hotel  приглашает вас в незабываемое путешествие неги и расслабления.

Back Massage 25'/18€
Relaxing massage with  focus on the back, shoulders, neck and hands.

Legs Relief Massage 25'/15€
Relieves fatigue, pain in the legs, stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, relieve swelling.

Candle  Ritual 50'/ 27€
Full body relaxing massage implemented with aroma candle, specifically processed and enriched jasmine elixir.

Full body Relax 50'/27€
Full body relaxing massage implemented with almond oils. Favorably affects the condition of skin and helps to relieve stress.

Deep Tissue 50'/30€
Full body massage with combinations of deep pressure techniques, useful for galvanizing of lymphatic circulation

Anti — cellulite Massage 30'/25€
Intense massage with special techniques of pressing, that is useful for breaking cellulite.

Shea Butter Massage 50'/27€
Relaxing full body massage with Shea Butter, that is produce for deep skin hydration.

Sport Massage 50'/30€
One type of massage, applied in practice to improve physical capabilities and increase the efficiency of muscles of the whole body.

Massage for kids 30'/15€
Favorable impact on the baby's skin and improves blood flow leads to normal functioning of the gastrointestil tract

Shiatsu 50'/30€
 This is an ancient Japanese pressure point massage. This technique is fundamental of eastern medicine, restoring the energy flow, unlocking the meridians.

Yoga Balance Massage 50'/30€
Full body massage combined with limb stretching and backbone massage technique.

Reflexology 30'/20€
Special massage and pressure technique focused on the feet. The reflex zone point on your feet will be stimulated, activate and prompt relief from aches and pains.

Indian Head Massage 20'/15€
Oil free traditional Indian head and neck massage

Shirodhara Head Massage 30'/17€
Ayurvedic face, neck and head massage with herb enriched oil. Restore nervous system, helping with sleep problems.

Lomi Lomi Relax Massage 50'/25€
According to traditional Oriental concepts, body and spirit can't exist without mutual harmony. Therefore, this massage be applicable for strengthening, cleansing and body and spirit.

Rejuvance FaceTreatment 50'/25€
It is a combination of shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage and lymphatic facial. Restores the muscles in the correct position and stimulates the oval and smoothing wrinkle

Demetra 30'/15€
Unique massage technique with virgin green olive oil, as it was ritually provided in ancient Sparta. Combine relaxation with a totally natural skin nourishment.

Aphrodite 50'/35€
Facial and bodies massage, with use of petals of roses and virgin herbal oil for totally relaxing experience.

Athena 50'/30€
This treatment based on Hippocrates therapeutic massage techniques with the use of cups, herbs and honey.

Estia 65'/35€
A Full body scrub with salt from the Greek sea followed by a full body massage ritual.

Hera 50'/25€
Indulge in a massage ritual for your body and enjoy the benefits of lemon or orange extracts on your skin.

Poseidon 25'/20€
Scrub for the entire body with herbs and salt from Greek sea.

After Sun Body Treatment 50'/25€
Deep hydration and nourishment treatment with sun save body mask.

Soft Cream—Peeling 20'/17€
Soft peeling for sensitive skin on based of special deep hydration cream.

Bi-Thermal 50'/25€
Integrated body care treatment for weight loss, chipping lines, cellulite and detentions treatment.

Cold compress Cryogenic 50'/30€
Treatment with firming action, recommended for those suffering from edematous conditions, heavy ends and poor circulation.